Learning to navigate the complicated backend of a business website can feel like trying to make sense of hieroglyphics. From traffic generation to keyword density, the many facets of maintaining a successful site can place even the most experienced marketers in a bind.

Fortunately, Google provides a lifeline for webmasters eager to capitalize on their site’s potential: Google Search Console, formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools. Whether you’re an accomplished web guru looking to simplify management of your domain, or you’re an amateur treading unknown waters, learning the basics will make Google Search Console a must-have for your marketing arsenal.

Benefit 1: Speed Up Your Site

Every web user knows the frustration of trying to browse a pitifully slow website, but you might be surprised to learn that speed impacts search ranking. According to research conducted by Moz, it’s not the load time that impacts your ranking, but instead the time it takes for the server to respond to a user request. You can easily verify that everything is in order on your site by using Google Search Console to fetch your site. If the numbers are weak, consider upgrading to a better hosting plan.

Benefit 2: Discover Your Keyword Impact

Including the right keywords in your content falls under the auspices of SEO 101, but measuring the impact of your SEO strategy often proves somewhat problematic. Google Search Console simplifies this by revealing which pages on your site rank highest for particular keywords. To view this information, simply click any keyword in the search queries list. In turn, you can determine which pages to focus on improving to capture even more visitors.

Benefit 3: Examine the Value of Your Content

Many webmasters struggle to pinpoint where they should focus their content creation efforts. From photos and infographics to long form blog posts and video blogs, content extends far beyond the confines of text paragraphs. Google Search Console makes it simple to determine what content resonates best with your audience, with the average ranking position for each page of your website. These numbers allow you to understand what content you should focus on to make a bigger impact.

Benefit 4: Determine How Visitors Find You

Ever wonder how exactly your visitors are arriving on your site? Google Search Console takes the mystery out of your game, with detailed statistics that explore the average keyword rankings, organic search impressions, and overall click-through rate (CTR) for your pages. Again, this information can make a dramatic impact on your overall SEO strategy.

Benefit 5: Find Out Who Is Talking About You

Search engine traffic is great, but direct referrals from high-ranking websites can be even better. Google Search Console makes it easy to find out who is sending traffic your direction. Frequently monitor your inbound links to determine which sites make the biggest impact. If you’re particularly ambitious, consider building partnerships with these brands to further capitalize on the benefits they offer your business.