When it comes to capturing the attention of potential customers, generating traffic for your business site is an important consideration. Many small business owners struggle to determine whether it makes more sense to invest in SEO or PPC, but you shouldn’t think of these tools as competing forms of traffic generation. Instead, PPC and SEO can and should work together harmoniously, transforming your site into a veritable powerhouse.

Using SEO to Grow Your Business

SEO is an umbrella term that applies to the techniques webmasters use to ensure their site meets the best standards and practices of the web’s largest search engines. Don’t be tempted to put SEO and PPC in the same box, because SEO serves a distinct purpose. Using the right SEO approach will certainly boost your traffic, but deploying a thoughtful SEO strategy is meant to establish your site’s authority.

As you create optimized content, search engines will start to prioritize your pages over others. Naturally, this results in more traffic, but it also results in increased brand exposure and name recognition. Both of these factors help a growing business succeed.

Launching a PPC Campaign

Much like a print or television advertising campaign, PPC ads provide a short-term boost for your company. Effective PPC ads target web users who are likely to be interested in your products or services. Because each click of a PPC ad results in a financial charge, most small businesses run PPC campaigns periodically, based on the constraints of their advertising budget.

SEO & PPC: Which is Better?

In a nutshell, SEO is a long-term growth strategy while PPC ads pull in immediate traffic. So, which technique is better? Neither method is inherently better than the other, but consider the following keys when the values of these tools for your business:

● SEO often represents a lower overall cost, simply because it doesn’t carry a direct financial expense like PPC clicks.

● PPC ads generate traffic much more quickly than SEO.

● SEO often represents a higher ROI over the course of a site’s lifetime, since web users are more likely to trust organic search results.

● Effective pay-per-click ads need to be optimized continually, but they’re not subject to changes in the search engine algorithms.

Feeling overwhelmed yet? While it’s certainly a lot to consider, think of it this way: PPC ads are more expensive, but they generate quick, targeted traffic. SEO works in the background and improves with time.

Before you discount one method in favor of another, instead contemplate using both tools together to maximize your site’s effectiveness. The world’s most powerful brands use a combination of SEO techniques and targeted PPC ads to connect with web users. Choose to continually invest in high-quality content that uses SEO appropriately, and deploy PPC when you’re in need of a traffic boost. While there is no perfect equation, juggling both methods will ensure your site connects with the largest audience possible.