Modern consumers are bombarded with marketing content continuously on the web. Unfortunately, the abundance of photos, articles, and videos vying for attention has led to over-saturation and customer fatigue. Simply put, making a splash on the internet is much more difficult in 2016 than it was just a few short years ago. Instead of focusing exclusively on generating intriguing content, many small business owners are finding greater success through a concept known as experience marketing

What is Experience Marketing?

The idea behind experience marketing is simple: customers who have an emotional connection to a brand are loyal to the business. To this end, restaurants, wineries, hotels, and other hospitality businesses are working to build experiences for their customers. Marketers using this technique strive for the domino effect. Assuming the customer has a fantastic experience and feels a strong link to the brand, the consumer will be more likely to talk about the company on social media and share their thoughts on review sites.

Creating a Positive Experience

While experience marketing may be a simple idea, the execution often proves tricky for business owners. Fortunately, creating a meaningful experience for your guests doesn’t need to feel like a challenging proposition. Consider using some of the following keys to boost the emotional connection your customers feel toward your brand:

Personalize Every Visit: Demonstrating your attention to the needs and preferences of your buyers generates immense value in the eyes of your customers. When possible, try to personalize experiences for your patrons by remembering their favorite orders and catering to their whims.

Pay Careful Attention: Nothing feels more frustrating that visiting a business and working to capture the attention of a server or a salesperson. Don’t make your buyers feel unappreciated with poor service. Pay attention to the little details and be overambitious in your efforts to ensure their desires are met.

Be Warm and Inviting: If you consider yourself a marketer above all else, spend some time brushing up on your customer service skills. Positive experiences for customers are often driven by fantastic customer service. Show your customers you care with kindness, appreciation, and genuine warmth that will leave them feeling great.

Encouraging Digital Interactions

Creating a positive experience for customers is not a new marketing concept, but transforming positive experiences into social media traction is a relatively novel idea. Before your customers leave your business, be sure they’ve learned how they can interact with your brand online. From placing social media icons on your menu board to displaying a review site decal on your storefront windows, there are plenty of ways to subtly encourage your customers to share their thoughts online.

Building a loyal customer base through experience marketing can help your business succeed in the digital world, but remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Treat every customer experience like a meaningful interaction, and the results will become apparent bit by bit. By combining experience marketing with other proven promotional techniques, you’re bound to see tangible results for your business on the web.