Content marketing has rapidly become a pivotal force in marketing. Custom content spending reached $44 billion in 2013, and the trend has only continued its upward trajectory. While experts continually extol the benefits, well-written content can provide a marketing campaign, it’s important for business owners to grasp the potential content represents for their bottom line. The following tips will provide guidelines to help small business owners effectively incorporate content marketing into their overall digital marketing campaign and discover how to maximize your growth potential through inbound marketing.

Exploring the Benefits of Content

Well-written, informative content pays off handsomely for businesses willing to invest in the creation of these marketing materials. Consider the following advantages content offers:

● Long-term Traffic Acquisition: Unlike PPC advertising campaigns that stop drawing visitors at the termination of a campaign, content attracts new visitors indefinitely.

● Cost-Effective Marketing: Content marketing campaigns offer a scalable solution to fit any company’s marketing budget, big or small. Original, customized content will show results up to 62% faster than traditional marketing while generating three times as many leads.

● Authority Building: Creating great content establishes a brand’s authority and builds clout, in turn leading to a larger digital footprint that translates into more sales and a larger customer base.

Crafting Content that Resonates

The undeniable benefits content generates make it an appealing marketing tool for any business to consider, but it’s not enough to simply slap up a blog post and hope for the best. Instead, savvy entrepreneurs and small business owners must think about their target audience and the information those visitors seek. This information provides essential direction for content development.

When deciding which topics to write about on your blog, put yourself in your customer’s shoes. If you’re catering to local diners, consider creating a blog post that outlines the story behind your latest menu creation. Generate additional traffic by publishing a list of upcoming events in your local community and feature other businesses in your area. If your sells a product, develop a short outline recommending special occasions where customers might want or need to purchase your product.

The possibilities are truly endless—just make sure you keep the content flowing! Businesses that regularly blog generate up to 67% more leads each month, as opposed to those who neglect content marketing altogether. One helpful way to keep your content development strategy on track is to build an editorial calendar, with upcoming posts scheduled beforehand. This method keeps inbound marketing on the top of your priority list.