Maintaining Your Brand Identity in a Digital World

April, 2016 · By Deborah Fiorentino

Modern consumers are literally bombarded with advertising messages all day long. From advertisements on the subway to commercials sandwiched between hit shows, the sheer amount of promotional material courting the attention of the masses has a numbing effect on your audience. Connecting with the crowd is challenging enough, but failure to maintain a consistent brand identity will send your business tanking. If you have any hope of making an impact in a busy world, you need to focus on keeping your message consistent.

What is Brand Identity?

Your brand identity is the representation of the values and defining characteristics of your business. The Brand Identity Prism, created by corporate branding specialist Jean-Noel Kapferer, identifies the following aspects as key components of brand identity:

● Physique – Visual representation of the brand (logo, color scheme, etc.)
● Personality – Tone and character expressed through communication
● Relationship – Connection brand symbolizes for consumers
● Culture – Defining principles of the brand
● Reflection – The target audience
● Self Image – Consumer’s ideal version of himself

All of these factors contribute to the overall idea of brand identity.

Translating Brand Identity Online

With a clear idea of what brand identity actually is, it’s important to pay close attention to how you communicate digitally. As you establish a presence on social media platforms and create a website, you need to think about the tone of your content and the overall appearance of your profiles. Strive to reformat the same logos for each platform, and use the same color scheme for maximum consistency.

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of social media for marketers is the ability to build relationships with followers. As you interact with others online, aim to always strike the same tone. Don’t fluctuate between really informal replies and professional, corporate language. Pick your desired voice and stick with it. This further cements your brand identity in the customer’s mind.

Provide Relevant Content

Content marketing continues to grow for one simple reason: it works. To harness the full power of content marketing, you need to focus on creating content that works in harmony with your overall brand message. Remember, the key to maintaining your brand’s identity is to ensure all of the components of your branding make sense, both individually and as part of a bigger puzzle.

If you’re feeling stuck, a digital marketing agency can be a great resource to utilize. Many small businesses choose to work with a marketing team who can provide invaluable consumer insight. This is also a failproof way to ensure you don’t take the wrong step, sending your marketing efforts careening off the cliff.

Keeping your brand’s identity consistent online must remain a priority, lest you confuse your audience. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of different social platforms and tools available to you, consider toning your marketing endeavors down to a more manageable level. It’s always preferable to use one or two marketing channels really well, as opposed to stretching yourself too thin and losing your identity along the way.