5 Tips to Maximize Instagram’s Potential for Your Restaurant

January 26, 2016

West 54th Media Instagram Tips

Diners salivating over a delicious dish from the kitchen often whip out their smartphones before their forks ever touch the plate. The phenomenon of documenting food on social media, often nicknamed food porn, has reached a frenzy. Scientific evidence demonstrates food porn’s prowess, as these images

Experience Marketing: Building Connections with Customers

January 21, 2016

West 54th Media Event Marketing

Modern consumers are bombarded with marketing content continuously on the web. Unfortunately, the abundance of photos, articles, and videos vying for attention has led to oversaturation and customer fatigue. Simply put, making a splash on the internet is much more difficult in 2015 than it was

What Millennials Want: 4 Simple Keys for Brands

January 19, 2016

West 54th Media Millennial Buyers

America’s 80 million millennials represent some $200 billion in annual buying power, making it vitally important for businesses of all sizes to market their products and services to this demographic. If you’re one of the many entrepreneurs who feel stumped when it comes to connecting with

Every Business is an Online Business!

January 14, 2016

West 54th Media Every Business is an Online Business

Small business owners often overlook the need for a dynamic business website. According to research conducted for GoDaddy this past summer, 59% of small businesses still don’t have a dedicated website. Survey respondents provided a number of different reasons for this trend, with 35% of participants

Help, I Don’t Have Time to Blog!

January 12, 2016

West 54th Media Blogging Strategy

The benefits of generating interesting content for your business blog are undeniable: from driving traffic to your site to establishing authority in your industry, a great blog can make a long term impact on the health of your business. Unfortunately, many small business owners ultimately neglect