Maintaining Your Brand Identity in a Digital World

April 28, 2016

Modern consumers are literally bombarded with advertising messages all day long. From advertisements on the subway to commercials sandwiched between hit shows, the sheer amount of promotional material courting the attention of the masses has a numbing effect on your audience. Connecting with the crowd is

How to Write an RFP for a Website Redesign

February 23, 2016

West 54th Media Group RFP Tips

So, you need a to find an agency to manage your website redesign, but you don’t know how to weed through the endless array of development firms vying for your marketing dollars. Choosing the right option for your redesign shouldn’t feel like an impossible mission, but

To Blog or Not to Blog: Should My Small Business Bother?

February 4, 2016

West 54th Media Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketers love to extol the benefits of business blogging: from increasing sales figures to boosting foot traffic, blogs supposedly represent nearly limitless potential for real-world businesses. And yet, many restaurants, breweries, and other hospitality businesses have found their blogs generate little interest and no tangible

Newsletters: How Can Restaurants Build Digital Marketing Campaigns?

February 2, 2016

West 54th Media Newsletter Design

Of all of the marketing tools available to restaurant owners, newsletters are often overlooked in favor of social media and traditional print advertising. Many restaurant owners simply aren’t aware of just how powerful newsletters often prove. From building loyalty among existing customers to boosting overall sales

Why Should My Business Invest in Content Marketing?

January 28, 2016

West 54th Media Content Marketing

Seemingly every business in the world has been told how important it is to invest in content marketing, with billions of dollars spent on this promotional strategy each year. And yet, 40% of small business owners feel it’s difficult to measure the impact of content marketing.